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The Camp at Thyangboche

Sixty years ago today on March 26, 1953, the British Mount Everest Expedition led by Colonel John Hunt completed a seventeen-day trek, 175 miles from the valley of Kathmandu to arrive at Thyangboche, the location of the first base camp for the expedition.

Alfred Gregory recalled the journey as a ‘glorious walking holiday’ wandering across foothill ridges through some of the most beautiful country in the world.

The party employed local porters to assist in transporting the equipment and stores required for the expedition, each carried 30 kilos together with their own blanket, cooking pot and food.

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When the party reached Thyangboche they made camp on a grassy alp nearby to a Tibetan style monastery situated 12,000 feet on a high ridge. From this point they were in constant view of the Everest group.

Sadly in 1989 the monastery was destroyed in a fire started by an electric heater, the introduction of electricity to the area has been somewhat of a mixed blessing. Fortunately in was rebuilt with the help of volunteers and international assistance.

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Camp at Thyangboche

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The camp at Thyangboche was surrounded by majestic ice-fluted peaks. The morning sunlight caressed the high snows and swirling afternoon clouds played around their tops making them appear higher than ever.

The team spent a month camped at Thyangboche, using their time for acclimatization and exploration. On one occasion Gregory, Evans, Wylie and Tenzing made the first ascent of Island Peak, at 20’000 feet, today it is climbed by more people than any other mountain in Nepal.

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Tenzing & Lowe

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